Father and Son Team Up to Beat Their Walking Record for Rotherham Hospice

At Rotherham Hospice, stories of love, remembrance, and determination intertwine, forming the fabric of the community’s support. One such tale involves Daniel Wotawa and his son Finley, who are gearing up for an extraordinary challenge in honour of a beloved family member.

Finley, 11-years-old, and his father Daniel are no strangers to the trails. Their shared passion for walking has seen them travel countless miles together, exploring nature’s wonders and forging unforgettable memories. But this time, their journey holds a deeper significance as they prepare to surpass their previous walking record of 30 miles in a single day.

Their motivation? A heartfelt tribute to Finley’s Great Grandad Judd, whose final days were marked by the compassionate care of Rotherham Hospice. Judd’s journey was made more comfortable and dignified, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Hospice’s remarkable team, leaving an indelible mark on Daniel, Finley, and their family.

In a testament to their gratitude, Daniel and Finley have set their sights on an ambitious route: a trek from Leeds city centre to Thrybergh in Rotherham. It’s a symbolic journey, mirroring the path taken by many seeking solace and support at Rotherham Hospice during their time of need.

For Finley, walking alongside his father has been a lifelong adventure. From his earliest steps, he has embraced the challenge of long-distance walks with a fierce determination. Now, armed with experience beyond his years, Finley is ready to take on this new challenge, driven by a desire to give back to the place that offered comfort to his family in their time of sorrow.

Daniel, proud of his son’s resilience and compassion, sees this endeavour as more than just a physical feat. It’s an opportunity to instil values of empathy and generosity in Finley, as they work together to make a difference in the lives of others.

As they lace up their boots and prepare to embark on their journey, Daniel and Finley invite friends, family, and the community to join them in their mission. Through sponsorship and donations, they hope to raise vital funds for Rotherham Hospice, ensuring that its invaluable services continue to touch the lives of countless families in the years to come. 

Their message is clear: every step counts, every donation makes a difference. Together, they are walking not only in remembrance of Great Grandad Judd but also in solidarity with all those who have found comfort and support at Rotherham Hospice.

As they set out on their expedition, Daniel and Finley carry with them the spirit of love, resilience, and community that defines the ethos of Rotherham Hospice. With each stride, they move closer to their goal, united in their mission to honour the past, embrace the present, and build a brighter future for all.

Why your support matters

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