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Welcome to Rotherham Hospice

Celebrating 20 years of providing exceptional care for the people of Rotherham.

Rotherham Hospice's care places the patient and not the illness at the centre of everything we do.

We are an independent charity and the only adult hospice in Rotherham for the people of Rotherham and surrounding villages. We began offering Day Hospice services in 1994, and have grown over the years to now providing a 14 bed Inpatient Unit, with 75 Day Hospice places every week, and our Hospice Community Team who provide care in the community. We need over £5 million annually to deliver these services and rely heavily upon local people and organisations for their support.


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Anne Brookes

“We were greeted by Staff Nurse Rachel, and Dr Katie. I remember thinking ‘WOW!’, as were shown to Mum’s room. It was just like a hotel – the ambience and the lighting was just perfect.”

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There are many stereotypes about charitable giving which persist despite the evidence being very much to the contrary. One is that Scottish people are stingy, and another is that people on lower incomes give less to charity.

Thankfully, ana...

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