Children's Grief Awareness week

Children's Grief Awareness Week

When a loved one dies it can be confusing or scary time, especially for children and teenagers. That’s why Sunbeams exists –  Rotherham’s only bereavement support group specifically for young people.

Sunbeams helps children and teenagers to process their grief and express and understand their emotions.

As part of Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2022, our Sunbeams children decorated shapes showing what helps them cope with the loss of a loved one. This was made into the beautiful Sharing Shapes Mural.

Find out about participating in the Sharing Shapes Mural for Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2023 HERE.

Sharing Shapes Mural for Children's Grief Awareness Week
The Sharing Shapes mural 2022 was made by over 80 groups, including Sunbeams, to show how we cope with grief and remember our loved ones.

Sunbeams at Rotherham Hospice​

Sunbeams offers bereavement support to children and teens who are experiencing the serious illness or death of a loved one cared for by Rotherham Hospice.

Our specially trained counsellors provide support through creative activities in after-school groups, as well as family sessions and sessions for parents and carers of children affected by bereavement. 

Over the years, Sunbeams has supported hundreds of Rotherham families during difficult times. You can find out more about Sunbeams and how to get a referral here.

Free resources for carers, parents and teachers

Here are some booklets you may find helpful, click to download:

How you can help

As a charity, Rotherham Hospice relies on the generosity of our amazing community for services like Sunbeams to keep going. 

The quickest & easiest way to support Rotherham Hospice is to become a regular giver. Anything you can give will make a difference to a Rotherham family experiencing end-of-life illness. Thank you.

£20, £50 or £100 raised could make a big difference to Rotherham Hospice

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