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Grief Awareness Week 2020

At Rotherham Hospice

Grief Awareness Week 2020

It’s Grief Awareness Week 2020 from the 2nd – 8th December 2020. 

Our aim for Grief Awareness Week is to:

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This year during the Covid19 pandemic, we know that those grieving at home, have endured a myriad of restrictions and limitations that have profoundly affected their grieving.

The bereaved have not been able to reach out to family and friends for a much-needed hug and human connection and this has been incredibly difficult. This has caused a great deal of trauma and distress. However, distance should not prevent us from reaching out to others and sharing our grief, however, wherever and whenever we can.

Sharing stories will help others to understand the impact of grief and loss and will enable conversations to take place, to open up to emotions and feelings that are very often difficult to express.

The bereaved often have to hide their grief from others. Sometimes it is from their friends and family as they do not want to burden them. Sometimes it is from their colleagues at work. Please look out for them, check they are okay, in the early days and on-going. They may look alright, they may be going to work, but deep inside they could be struggling and just need your support and understanding.

We are often afraid to mention the person’s name that has died. We think doing this will upset our friend or family member, but it is generally the opposite. By saying their name, remembering them, and talking about them, you are helping to share your love and affection for that person. This is very important and will help those grieving to know that you will help to keep their memory alive.

Grief does not discriminate. We will all be affected by bereavement at some time. Children, young people, the older generation, all faiths, all religions, all cultures, all sectors of our community will grieve.

There is a myth that you ‘get over’ grief. That you ‘move on’. You don’t. You move forward with your grief and rebuild your life around the void, but you may be affected by bereavement throughout your whole life.

Often after the funeral, when things go ‘back to normal’, this is the time when the bereaved most need support when they feel alone and isolated. We need to understand that there are triggers that may come from nowhere that will affect them in the weeks, months, and years after the death.


To hear further thoughts on grief from our Hospice Bereavement Support Team, please head over to our YouTube page.

We offer the following support services at the hospice:

Here at the Rotherham Hospice, we offer a range of services to support our patients and their families and friends.

Support for patients and their adult families’ pre bereavement. Planning and speaking about the meaning of life and death and dying, which is evidenced to support the grieving process and open up conversations that are difficult but in most circumstances very meaningful.

Either one to one or in a group setting for peer support and remembering that you are not alone in how you are feeling physically and emotionally.

Offering support for children of school age who are experiencing the serious illness or death of a loved one to a Palliative illness. It builds skills and resilience to deal with their changing circumstances and distress.

Individual and group bereavement support is provided through play and diversion activities, as well as activities that directly explore grief and associated issues. The group follows a light programme of activities including: crafts; physical activities; memory boxes: reflecting on photographs: writing and drawing; and peer support to help the children to talk with others and express their feelings about loss and bereavement. This improves children’s ability to cope not only with their own emotions but those of the people around them, also helping the children feel they can talk about their deceased loved one in a more open and trusting way.

We will be posting everyday on our social media platforms with videos and information focusing on grief, the importance of talking, grieving through COVID-19, how to support someone who is grieving and more.

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