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Our services are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC Information).

As part of Rotherham Hospice’s continued commitment to improvement and transparency, we are proud to share with you the full report from our recent CQC visit.

Below you will find a summary of the key points of the report, as well as the full report attached. The report acknowledges big improvements since the previous CQC visit; highlights good practices across the Hospice; recognises our commitment to putting the patient and their families first; praises a “dedicated and responsive staff and volunteer team”; as well as providing areas for us to focus on improving in the future, that we have already begun to address.

Our latest CQC report was published in June 2019. You can read the whole document on the link below:

Rotherham Hospice Care Day Hospice Community Therapy Health and Wellbeing Healthcare Counselling Bereavement Support Phone CQC Information

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. It’s purpose is to make sure that health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high quality care and encourage providers of care services to improve.

Here is a summary of the key findings from the CQC Inspection that asked 5 questions, followed by the rating:

CQC rating overall - good, because;

• The service had addressed all of the issues found at our last inspection in 2016 and had continued to monitor these areas carefully.

• Medicines were well managed. They were given to patients when needed and recorded appropriately. Those giving medicines had their competencies checked regularly by a medical supervisor.

• Care plans put the person and those close to them at the heart of their care and took account of their physical and spiritual needs and choices. Staff completing care plans did so accurately and with people’s active involvement and consent.

• The service was responsive to the needs of patients. Good communication between doctors and nurses working in the community and in the hospice itself, meant that moving between services was straightforward and people received joined up planning for their care.

• The hospice had a dedicated and responsive staff and volunteer team who protected patients’ privacy and dignity, and ensured they were given enough to eat and drink. People told us that the care they received was good.

• The hospice worked well with other organisations to ensure people received good quality care. Strong links with local voluntary groups and the local hospital meant that patients could access the right services for them and those close to them.

• The service was supporting local care homes by providing advice and guidance. We saw that less people were being admitted to hospital unnecessarily as a result, and more people were able to stay in their home or care setting if this was their wish.

Rotherham Hospice Care Day Hospice Community Therapy Health and Wellbeing Healthcare Counselling Bereavement Support CQC Information

Areas that require improvement:

Rotherham Hospice nursing staff looking at patient notes

• Not all volunteers and staff had the right safeguarding training at the right levels. Trustees had not received training in safeguarding adults, and at the time of the inspection most staff had not received training in safeguarding children. Although the service supports mainly adults, children visited the hospice daily and therefore staff should have been offered appropriate training. This has already been addressed.

• Not all areas used by patients had call bells so patients may not have been able to summon assistance if they fell or became unwell when alone in these areas. This related to the Reflections Room and a solution is being out in place.

• One of the organisation’s risk registers was not reviewed in line with policy and had not been kept up to date.

• People’s experiences, comments and suggestions were not being used in a methodical way to drive service improvements, and further work was needed to ensure that barriers were identified and removed for those who could potentially find it more difficult to access the service.

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