What are the benefits of volunteering?

If you asked each of our volunteers what they get out of working here, you’d probably get a different answer from each one, but here are a few of their answers when we asked some of our volunteers at a recent event:

I find it very humbling"

I love my role in the day unit, meeting and talking to people"

It keeps me in a purposeful and 'working' role"

I love to come to the hospice - it makes me feel useful"

Having the privilege of working and meeting with wonderful and fantastic people"

I enjoy volunteering very much - sense of fulfilment and achievement. I enjoy working with staff, volunteers but most of all the patients"

Gaining vital retail experience and witnessing first-hand the growth of a fantastic organisation"

I really enjoy helping out, makes me feel good about myself"

I have grown in confidence so much since I became a volunteer"

Being here and helping people"

And the final word comes from one of our volunteers, Steve:

I didn't even think about checking my phone or emails once"

Glad you enjoy it so much, Steve!

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