Visiting the Hospice

A hospice patient with her husband

We believe interaction with families and carers is very important to those in our care, and we actively encourage an open visiting policy. 

The Inpatient Unit operates an open visiting policy so that relatives and friends may visit at any time. However our patients are often very ill therefore we request that visitors to the Hospice are sensitive to all our patients on the unit and respect their needs and privacy.

Limited sleeping accommodation is available for family members but every effort will be made to support you to stay with your loved one if you choose to. Please feel free to discuss this with any member of the nursing staff. We understand that very often the family has been providing much of the patients care at home and we encourage family, if they wish, to continue to be involved in the patients care though there is no obligation to do so. How much you want to be involved will be discussed with you and the patient on admission.

We ensure that patients can stay in touch with loved ones through the use of telephones and wireless internet facilities in the patient areas.

Further information on access for visitors and contact numbers can be found in our visitors information leaflet.


Daytime hours: Between 8am and 5pm every day of the week, you can enter the hospice via the main reception area, where you will be greeted and directed to where you need to go.

Out of hours: At any other time you can use the door further down the building to the right (there is a sign by the main door which tells you where to go) and press the buzzer to be let in.

Parking and finding us

You can find directions and a map here.

Please park in the Patients and Family bays in the hospice car park.

Donate to Rotherham Hospice

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