Vision & Mission

Compassion, choice & dignity for all."

Nurser helping lady out of a chairOur dedicated team of staff and volunteers work together to provide quality care that incorporates psychological, physical, social and spiritual support to help patients and their families achieve the very best quality of life, both at home and in the Hospice. The care and help we provide is given free of charge.

Our Values

  • Always caring
  • We place the patient and not the illness at the centre of everything we do
  • We look after the whole person, including their physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs
  • We treat every patient as an individual and respect their choices
  • We promote dignity, privacy and independence through all our care
  • We look after the patient’s family, friends, and carers, not just the patient
  • We ensure patients in any setting are as comfortable as possible
  • We look to discover latent talents and abilities
  • We serve the adult population of Rotherham
  • We support people from every background and faith who need our services
  • We work closely with other agencies and individuals involved in the care and support of patients and families, such as GPs, District Nurses and hospital teams.
  • We promote Preferred Priorities of Care that enables patients to have choices about where to receive their care
  • We give carers and families care, support and friendship before, during and after the death of a loved one

Our mission is to provide compassion and the highest standards of help and expert care, support and advice for all adults throughout the Rotherham area, their families and friends, affected by a terminal illness."

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