Tree of Life

Our Tree of life is an imposing, unique sculpture in Stainless Steel created by Yorkshire Man of Steel designer Steve Mehdi. Inspired by the shape of a tree in the Hospice garden and intended as a commemorative artwork, the three metre tall structure will support over 290 individual leaves which can be dedicated in memory of a loved one.

Tree of life has been an extraordinary collaboration almost 2 years in the making. From the original design process, planning and procurement of supplies and labour by Steve and his partner Jane, supply of the expensive and beautiful Austenitic Stainless Steel by Outokumpu, to its actual construction at the premises of Newburgh engineering, this has been a wonderful partnership between many local people and companies. Due to its material and labour cost this project would certainly not have happened without this amazing team.

How to Make a Dedication

To make a dedication on the Tree of Life in Memory of a loved one, you have the opportunity to buy a beautiful stainless steel leaf which we will inscribe with their name and dates of their life and place on the sculpture on your behalf. You will then be advised when your leaf is available to view and where it is located on the tree. In May 2016 the new landscaped Memory Garden built around the tree was opened and you can now visit the tree during working hours Mon - Fri.

The cost of a leaf varies according to the length of time it remains on the tree and you may choose from the following three options.

£100 for one year. At the end of the year you will be given the choice of renewing for another year or we will send the leaf back for you to keep.

£250 for 3 Years. At the end of this time you may choose to renew for a second period of time or we will send the leaf back for you to keep.

A limited number at £500 for as long as you wish. We will keep the leaf on the Tree for as long as you want but if at any time you feel you would like to keep it we will return it to you at your request.

Your Leaf can be inscribed with your loved ones Name and the dates of their life.

*Please note that an artistic feature of the tree is the use of different sized leaves so the size you will receive may vary.

To purchase a leaf just complete the online form below or request a souvenir brochure by contacting the Fundraising Team on 01709 308917, with your name and address or e-mail via the button below. The brochure is hand illustrated and contains the full story of the tree and the idea behind it.

E-mail the Fundraising Team

Bark Panels

There is a special opportunity to sponsor a permanent part of the Tree of Life Sculpture by dedicating a bark panel on the trunk of the tree. This will allow space for a message of dedication along with your loved one’s name and the dates of their life. This is a perfect opportunity for family members or groups of friends to remember someone special together as they will always be a part of this unique work of art.

The panels are part of the structure of the tree and therefore will be inscribed in situ.

Bark panels have a once only cost of £3,000.

For more information or to reserve a panel please email the fundraising team.

Our Thanks

Our sincere thanks go to the following people and local companies who together have made this project possible. Steve Mehdi and Jane Hughes, Outokumpu Stainless Distribution, Newburgh Engineering, Sheffield University AMRC with Boeing, Catapult high Value Manufacturing, JF Finnegan, Peter Brett Associates, Paul Smith, Performance Engineered Solutions Ltd, Maher Ltd and We Are Branding.

You can watch the video of the tree of life being transported to the Hospice from the Peak District here:

Dedicate a leaf in memory

Dedicate a leaf on our Tree of Life sculpture in honour of a loved one.

Simply choose the donation option and let us know who it is in memory of. You will be informed when your leaf has been placed on the tree.

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