Therapy Services

Therapy is an essential part of the care we give here at Rotherham Hospice, and can improve our patients' lives enormously, both physically and mentally:

  • Physiotherapy can help you to stay active and independent
  • Occupational Therapy can help you to adjust to the limitations caused by your illness, and get the most out of life.
  • Our Complementary Therapies, such as massage, aromatherapy and reiki can help you to relax.
  • We also provide emotional and spiritual support for both you and those close to you, including children.
  • We offer advice about practical issues such as money worries, social benefits and accessing equipment and services.

The Hospice enjoys the services of 2 Physiotherapists, and 3 Occupational Therapists. All Hospice patients have access to these professionals and can be seen at the Hospice or out in the community according to need. They aim to help patients manage their symptoms, gain greater independence, prevent complications, offer opportunities for rehabilitation and individual coping and adaptation strategies.


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