Shirley and Chas

Shirley and Chas

Charlie Moody (everyone called him Chas) was told he had cancer on the 22nd October 2001 and very soon a secondary cancer was diagnosed. He was just 42.

Chas was determined he did not want to die in a hospital but his pain and symptoms were such that he needed medical intervention. He came into the Hospice for a week giving Shirley his wife and their 5 children respite whilst Chas had his pain and symptoms managed.

On returning home Chas said to Shirley not to buy him Christmas presents and even said that he would die on Christmas day but he was determined to see the face of his soon-to-be-born grandson. Louis came early and the whole family were able to spend some time together.

Rotherham Hospice provided Chas with specialist equipment and a bed to make his stay at home as comfortable as possible with the help of the Hospice Community Nurses Specialists but by December 24th Chas’ condition had started to deteriorate and he asked to be admitted back into the Hospice.

Throughout that night his condition continued to worsen and Shirley was told to prepare herself. Ashley their 13 year old son was there to hold his Dad’s hand and Chas died on Christmas morning.

Shirley remembers the Hospice providing such comfort and care and she remembers how Chas knew that the Hospice was where he wanted to die, a place where he could die without pain and surrounded by the people who loved him.

Since Chas’ death Shirley and her family have organised a sponsored walk, raising over £400 and Shirley was recently awarded her 5 year service certificate for volunteering in our Maltby High Street Shop and has attended Light up a Life every year since.

A memory that Shirley shared was about Chas and his Koi Carp. Chas loved his fish and got such a lot from them over the years that when he died Shirley donated them to the Hospice. Koi Carp roam the Hospice fish pond even now. 

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