Sandra's Volunteering Story

It’s been a particularly cold February this year, even before the snow. But as soon as I wandered in from Maltby High Street, into our Hospice Furniture Shop, I was offered a warm cup of coffee (or tea!) and a chat. The shop has a unique sense of community about it, and that’s exactly what Sandra – a volunteer at Maltby Furniture Shop – wishes to convey.

Sandra sits opposite me, and it soon becomes clear she has a passion for the community, and for creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable chatting, laughing, wandering the great furniture on offer, and getting to know neighbours. Sandra tells me she’s worked in hospitals and nursing homes for a number of years and loves the interaction she has with people. She loves to hear their stories, and share conversations, memories, and ideas. She absolutely loved tapping into the creativity of the people she meets, by creating art together.

In November 2017, Sandra decided to volunteer her time at Rotherham Hospice’s Maltby Furniture Shop. She sits telling me all the reasons she wanted to volunteer, and it all fits perfectly with the image of the shop as a community hub, as well as a furniture shop…

“I love chatting, and putting people at ease. And if it helps to bring the community together, why not?” Sandra says.

For Sandra, volunteering at the Hospice shop is all about giving back to the community and creating a welcoming space, for all who walk through the Hospice shop doors. Even if it’s just for a chat and a cup of coffee, Sandra is happy to have people pop in and say hi.

Visit Rotherham Hospice Furniture Store, on Maltby High Street, for great offers, and a friendly welcome.

If you're interested in volunteering for Rotherham Hospice, contact our Volunteers Coordinator, Tracy Williams on

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