Pam's Story

“Thanks to the hospice, we could live our lives here, like we were at home” - Nicola.

It was October 2016, when Pam was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus, just two years after the family had their first experience of Rotherham Hospice when they sadly lost their Uncle Graham. Pam’s daughter Nicola tells us that the whole family have always supported the Hospice, having lived close by and watched it grow since it was first built.

Following Pam’s diagnosis, she was referred to Rotherham Hospital & Weston Park for chemotherapy treatment. In early 2017 it became clear that treatment was making Pam very ill, and following an admission to hospital the family were given the devastating news that it was likely she was in the last days of her life. It was from this, that the family were put in touch with the Hospice.

Pam’s daughter Nicola and Niece Lauren share with us their story, and how they have come to support the work of Rotherham Hospice. They are both passionate about how they can help to sustain the service they and their family received, even though Auntie Pam never wanted to come to the Hospice. “She was too stubborn!” says Nicola and Lauren.

After much persuasion – especially from Pam’s Nephew Kieran who works at the Hospice’s Inpatient Unit – Pam accepted the offer of treatment at the Hospice, and Nicola tells us the fantastic effect it had on both Pam and the family, and how the diagnosis she was given in the hospital was overcome. “Thanks to the hospice, we could live our lives here, like we were at home” Lauren tells us. Pam made use of Hospice services such as massages, and hairdressing facilities, both of which Lauren tells us, helped to build her back up both physically and mentally.

 In fact, Nicola tells us that before arriving at the Hospice, Pam had lost lots of weight, had no appetite and was struggling to walk. After a ten day stay, Pam left the Hospice, back on her feet and made such an improvement that she messaged Nicola at midnight to tell her she was raiding the fridge eating Easter Eggs, often more than one at a time!

After improving further, Pam received more chemotherapy but shortly after Easter, Pam was admitted back to the Hospital after becoming dehydrated and her health deteriorated. Pam’s family were told that the cancer had spread and a decision was made that Pam would be moved to the Hospice, where she spent six weeks, surrounded daily by friends and family.

“Mum was comfortable here.” Says Nicola. “It allowed us to spend time that we needed and wanted to spend with her, without the constraints of hospital visits and limitations on the number of visitors.”

Nicola tells us that the nurses in particular stood out for their honesty, their caring nature and for making Pam’s family and friends always welcome at the hospice. 

On Wednesday 2nd August 2017, Pamela Scally passed away at the age of 53, surrounded by her family, with her daughter Nicola and husband Paul at her bedside. “It couldn’t have been more peaceful”, “the Hospice couldn’t have done any more than they did for Mum”

In the short six months since Pam’s passing, Nicola & Lauren have held their own fundraising events for the Hospice and have raised over £6000, a staggering amount in such a short space of time. They started on their fundraising journey by collecting tea, coffee, and biscuits to replace the ones the family used whilst visiting Pam at the Hospice. In addition to this, and with Nicola being a passionate singer and performer, the pair held a Soul & Motown night in December in memory of Pam. Nicola told us: “My mum loved Soul and Motown, mum and I put on our first Motown night to raise money for charity. She inspired me to arrange another Motown night in her memory for Rotherham Hospice.”  

We are extremely grateful for all the fundraising efforts that Nicola & Lauren have undertaken for the Hospice, and we couldn’t be more proud to have them representing Glow with the Flow II this year in the Rotherham community. Nicola’s passion for singing will be showcased when she takes to the stage at Glow with the Flow this year, and we hope you’ll agree with her mum Pam who said that when it comes to singing, “she’s alright”. 

Your support is vital, and by registering to take part in the brightest, and most colourful event in Rotherham’s calendar, you provide essential support for the Hospice supporting more families like Nicola, Lauren and especially Pam.

“If we can help the Hospice to continue to give the service we have received and continue to receive, we always will.” – Lauren.

Click here to register for Glow with the Flow.

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