Our Queen Mum

“Mum was first diagnosed in 2005 with bowel cancer, just one week before my husband died of the same disease.  Mum’s cancer returned to her lungs in 2009, when she was 87 years of age.  Sadly the prognosis wasn’t good for Mum.  However, being the fighter she was, she just wanted to live long enough to celebrate her 90th birthday with all her many friends. So, the battle was on………

Mum returned to her home and received a visit from Margaret Ellis, Day Hospice Sister, who was able to offer Mum a place once a week.  Mum was adamant she didn’t want to go, as in her words “You are pegging out when you go there.”  I managed to persuade Mum to give it a go, and she absolutely loved it from day one!  It gave her a new lease of life.  She enjoyed the arts and crafts activities, and even painted silk scarves.  Mum continued to battle with her illness, visiting the Hospice every week and thriving on it.  Finally, in 2011 she got her wish, and we were able to celebrate her 90th birthday with a party for 100 people.  We even raised £1000 for the Hospice in lieu of birthday presents!

In February the following year, Mum’s health deteriorated and she was admitted to the Inpatient Unit.  Everyone was so committed to helping Mum improve and after a few weeks she was well enough to go home.  Once home, we still had complete back up from the Hospice at Home Team. 

Mum passed away on 30th May 2013."

Jane referred to her Mum as the Queen Mum, and asked to share this poem, read out at her Mum's Funeral:



Don’t be sad and don’t feel down,

You shouldn’t even raise a frown.

For here’s a lady who led life to the full,

Being in her company was never dull.


That charismatic smile and an encouraging word,

No sounds of negativity were ever heard.

Always in bright colours, her style would never fail,

Even down to the match of her pink finger nails.


Now friends she had many, enough to fill a train,

She loved each one dearly, but none as much as “Our Jane”!

We thought she’d go on forever, but alas it was not to be,

But I’ll bet heavens, now, a brighter, nicer place to be.


We have our happy memories, so there’s no reason to feel glum,

Think of Doreen’s smiling face and say “God Bless to Our Queen Mum!”.  


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