My story starts off when in December 2015 I lost my fiancée. He died in Rotherham General Hospital. At the time it was the biggest shock of my life and unexpected. I eventually sought help and wanted counselling, and from a friend I was referred from my doctors to the Hospice.

I’ve met some lovely people both staff and volunteers many of whom have suffered loss at some time. I go to the group and I have benefited from that too. I’ve met a new friend at group who is going through the same pain as I am. We help each other. Without all this I probably wouldn’t be here today. I just put my name down to do voluntary work at the hospice. I would just like to thank all the staff and volunteers for being so nice and helpful to me.

You’ve helped me realise that life can go on after the death of a loved one and that I am not alone.

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