How Terri's Hospice lottery win changed her life.

Winning the lottery jackpot here at the Hospice is a big deal for anyone. For Terri, it changed her life.
In 2016 Terri won the £20,000 jackpot just four weeks after she joined the lottery.

Terri’s fantastic sense of community is obvious to me as we sit talking, and she explains to me how her lottery win gave the ability to develop dreams into actions. Terri runs ‘Radiance & Relaxation’ , a wonderful business that works with patients suffering from severe depression, anxiety, and stress, referred by the NHS, along with corporate training and workshops. The £20,000 win allowed Terri to develop her business to a level she dreamed of. It allowed her to buy a van to easily transport goods to enable her to reach patients easily and quickly. It allowed her to train in new therapies that she now offers as a service. It allowed her to buy uniforms. It allowed her to offer free services to the British Red Cross, to MIND, and to Cross Roads Care. It even allowed her to travel to vital conferences in Los Angeles.  

It all started when Terri happened to bump into one of our wonderful volunteers collecting for the lottery, and decided to join.

“I just wanted to give to the cause” Terri says. She hadn’t assumed she’d ever win it.

Four weeks later, she received a call from Paula, our Lottery Manager, to tell her she’d won the £20,00 jackpot.
“I thought it was a friend making it up, having a joke!” Terri tells me.

Terri has a whole host of new plans for the future, including raising funds to set up a community centre for homeless and vulnerable young people in the area, and teaching relaxation techniques in a safe and relaxed space. And when it comes to her lottery win here at the Hospice, Terri tells us…

“It allowed me to move forward, and allowed the business to move forward, and to give something back.”


If you would like to be in with the chance of winning big on the Rotherham Hospice Lottery, you can sign up quickly and easily by clicking here.

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