Angela and June

Angela’s Mum, June, moved to Rotherham to be near her daughter in February 2014. That summer, June was sadly diagnosed with cancer of her pancreas, liver and lungs.  June was referred to the Hospice and was cared for by the Hospice at Home Team who visited regularly, sometimes three times a day. The team were able to change June’s medication and get her pain under control. Angela said that she and her Mum felt that they were 110% supported by the Hospice Team, and that nothing was too much trouble. Angela was able to access the 24 hour advice line if she had any concerns and found this very reassuring. Over the next couple of weeks June’s pain worsened, and she was eventually admitted to the Hospice Inpatient Unit on 2nd July. Angela explains “I was quite apprehensive about Mum being admitted, but as soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a member of the Community Team.  It was lovely to see a familiar face, and this really put us at ease.” This welcome meant a lot to Angela, and she and her Mum soon relaxed in the clean, warm, caring environment. They both received lots of reassurance from all staff and volunteers, including the housekeeping and kitchen staff. June enjoyed engaging with Day Hospice activities, and Angela really appreciated how the Hospice cared for her as well as her Mum. The general approach of the Hospice team was systemic and holistic.  Staff and volunteers were able to spot when Angela was feeling down or distressed, and were always on hand to offer a listening ear or a hug. They made both herself and her other members of the family very welcome on every visit. 

Angela told us that some of the nurses would go that extra mile and style her mums hair and have her ready for when Angela and her husband arrived. Angela became rapidly aware that her mum felt safe in this environment. They were able to stay until they wanted to leave - no time limitations were ever applied. Every night as she was leaving she would hear from various members of the staff “Angela, do not hesitate if you want to ring us later it is not a problem” 

The team supported both June and Angela and helped to prepare for Junes wishes at her funeral. At this time Angela could not understand why this process had to happen. However, after her mum passed away Angela quickly recognized the full effectiveness and how helpful opening an envelope with her mum’s wishes was very enabling in all respects. 

Sadly, June’s condition deteriorated, and she died peacefully on 27th August 2014. The staff provided amazing support in contacting the funeral directors and leaving us to contact other members of her family and friends. Both the medical team and nursing team could not do enough for us.  

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