Adam Dowling

Adam works for NHS England. He contacted the Hospice back in December, to inquire about volunteering, as part of NHS England’s volunteering  programme. The programme allows and encourages staff to spend one day a week for five weeks at a place of their choice. Adam kindly chose Rotherham Hospice to donate his time.

The Hospice appealed to Adam as a place to volunteer, because his mum passed away here after spending four days on the IPU, three years ago. Adam tells us that his experience with the Hospice was a good one, during an exceptionally difficult and emotional time, and that the aftercare he and his family received has been invaluable since his mum was here. 

Choosing the Hospice as a place to volunteer, was for Adam, a chance to:

“…turn a personal negative time, into a positive experience.”

With a love of cooking, Adam was keen to see how catering at the Hospice works, and was soon working in the Hospice kitchen, where he quickly made a positive impact. Head Chef Mark told us:

“Adam has been a great help in the Kitchen, and we thank him for giving up his time.”

Adam is one of over 400 volunteers who, in total, gave an incredible 40,000 hours in 2016, to help out at the Hospice. The importance of those hours given, and the volunteers who gave them, cannot be overstated. They keep the Hospice running. Whether in the Hospice kitchen, like Adam, or at events, at our shops, administrating, or out collecting or fundraising, Rotherham Hospice relies on the generosity of people giving up their free time, to come and help out.

If you are interested in volunteering at Rotherham Hospice, and would like further information, please contact Tracy Williams on

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