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"A Year in Honour of our Mum" - Sally's Story

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Sally’s calendar of fundraising events this year is filled with huge challenges. From a Run/Swim in June, to the Lo...

How Terri's Hospice lottery win changed her life.

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Winning the lottery jackpot here at the Hospice is a big deal for anyone. For Terri, it changed her life. In 2016 Te...

Pam's Story

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“Thanks to the hospice, we could live our lives here, like we were at home” - Nicola. It was October 2016, whe...

Josh Oxborough

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“In October, my two beloved granddads very unfortunately passed away. Since then, my life has changed massively”....

Adam Dowling

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Adam is one of over 400 volunteers who, in total, gave an incredible 40,000 hours in 2016, to help out at the Hospice...

Gary's Story

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After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Gary was referred to Rotherham Hospice where he receives care and the ...

Ian & Beth

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Ian and Beth met whilst Ian was playing football. Beth would come to watch Ian play whenever she could. Beth was a c...


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My story starts off when in December 2015 I lost my fiancée. He died in Rotherham General Hospital. At the time it w...

Shirley and Chas

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Shirley remembers the Hospice providing such comfort and care and she remembers the how Chas knew that the Hospice wa...

Harry Brearley Remembered

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Nestled on high the Tree of Life, next to that of his grandson and his great-nephew, is the name of Harry Brearley, t...

Anne Brookes

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“We were greeted by Staff Nurse Rachel, and Dr Katie. I remember thinking ‘WOW!’, as were shown to Mum’s ro...

Jayne Hatton

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Thousands raised in memory of Jayne Hatton. Read Jayne's story here.

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