Savoo Search, Save & Raise

Rotherham Hospice is pleased to announce our partnership with Savoo Save, Search and Raise. An innovative way for our supporters to raise funds for the Hospice, in a simple and rewarding way. 

Every time you use Savoo, you donate to Rotherham Hospice. This is achieved in two simple ways:

How it works - Search:

Simply use Savoo Search as your search engine (the same way as you would your current search engine) and Savoo will donate 1p for every search, to Rotherham Hospice.

How it works - Save:

If you’re looking to do some online shopping and want to get a great deal, Savoo has thousands of voucher codes and deals from all of your favourite high street shops that will help you save money & they will donate to Rotherham Hospice at the same time.

How it works - Raise:

If you set Savoo as your default search engine by changing settings in your web browser, you will raise 1p for the Hospice, without even having to manually type the Savoo URL in the address bar. An excellent, fast, and trouble-free way to raise vital funds for the Hospice.

Click here to start searching, or for vouchers and deals, whilst supporting the Hospice in the process.


  1. Click the link above.
  2. Click 'Support this Charity'.
  3. Register.
  4. Start searching & saving!
  5. You could save the link to your bookmarks, or set the page as your default browser.


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