The Care Home Project

8th January 2018


Since October, ‘Rotherham Hospice At Home’ has been running a brand new project designed for Care Homes.

The ‘Care Home Project’ will last for 18 months, and aims to provide staff at Rotherham’s 45 care and residential homes with the knowledge and skills to provide quality palliative care. The concept follows a recent review that discovered 27% of admissions from care homes to hospital, were in fact preventable. Where the Hospice can help to bring down that percentage, it aims to do so through its own advice service and through education.

 The project will work to address the need for immediate advice in emergency situations, as well as providing education, and supervision, and improving relationships across community teams. It will work to achieve these aims, in three distinct ways:

A Responsive Service.

  • Care Homes will have access to the Hospice advice line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. A nurse on the advice line can provide advice regarding symptoms, medications, and general advice.
  • Visits from a Hospice at Home nurse can be arranged, to access needs, look at reversible  factors, and to discuss needs with the patient and families.

Planned Education.

  • All Care Homes across Rotherham will have access to End of Life Care Education.
  • This will be led by Rotherham Hospice’s Clinical Nurse Specialist Brenda Young.
  • ‘The Skills for Care End of Life’ training is broken down into 6 sessions.

Bespoke Education.

  • Introduction of focused education to care homes staged initially to those with high levels of admission.
  • Led by Sarah Smith, Care Home educator for 18 month project.
  • Main aims of the project through bespoke education are to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions by increasing confidence of care home staff in providing end of life care, increase number of patients with advance care plans and increasing confidence of care home staff in managing symptoms at end of life.

If you would like to learn more about The Care Home Project, contact Brenda Young, Helen Preece or Sarah Smith on 01709 308190.

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