Rotherham Hospice Van Appeal

16th January 2018


As some of you may be aware, on Friday 12th January, our Hospice van was stolen from a Hospice premises. 

As well as leaving us all upset at its loss, we are also left without a permanent van for vital Hospice services. The van was used for, among a variety of other things:

  • Moving goods between Hospice shops to be best placed to raise funds.
  • Relocating patients beds.
  • Collecting donated furniture from families and individuals to be brought to the Hospice or to our shops.
  • Moving equipment to and from our fundraising events throughout the year. 

It is the only van we have for these essential tasks that allow us to continue to carry out the services that we offer throughout the Hospice and the wider community, and so as you can imagine it is relied upon every day in helping to raise the £2.5m we have to raise every year.

As a result, we are asking our supporters to help us to purchase a new van for the Hospice, in our Rotherham Hospice Van Appeal. We aim to keep our supporters updated every so often on how much has been raised.

To donate to the Rotherham Hospice Van Appeal:

  • Text 'RHVA01 £1' to 70070. (The amount is not restricted to £1, and can be any amount you wish).
  • Donate using the donation box below. 

Thank you for your generosity.


24th January Update:

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