Rotherham Hospice's Liz & Bev take on the 10,000 step challenge

13th March 2018


Spring is almost upon us, and our wonderful garden at the Hospice is just waiting to bloom.  With our brand new hut for our Sunbeams Children’s Bereavement Group, activities will soon take place both inside, and of course outside in the sunshine. But we’re missing one simple yet key part…. A family area & picnic bench.

Our wonderful Hospice staff Liz Hetheringthorpe and Beverley Nettleton have decided to take on the challenge of walking 10,000 – 13,000 steps a day throughout March to raise sponsorship funds for a bench to be placed by the Sunbeams Hut, for families.

A family area, with a picnic bench will provide essential space for families or individuals to take time away, and sit in the peaceful serenity of the Hospice gardens, to relax. It will also provide space for activities for Sunbeams in the warmer months of the year.

Liz told us what the bench will be for...
"The bench will be used by patients and their families and friends, for a bit of privacy. It will also be used for our Sunbeams Children's Group so they can sit in the sunshine on a nice day."

10,000 steps every day, for the entirety of March equates to a massive 155 miles. And so if you happen to visit the Hospice, and you see two people walking up and down, round and round, to the amusement of patients and staff…. That’ll be Liz and Beverley, taking on a challenge in order to improve the Hospice & its gardens for the Spring & Summer months this year, and for years to come.

We wish both Liz and Beverley the best of luck, and thank them for their wonderful fundraising efforts.

You can sponsor Liz & Beverley quickly and easily, by clicking one of the links below:

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