Psst… It’s official: The Mayor’s a charity shop diva!

9th December 2016


The Mayor was so impressed with the quality clothes and accessories on the rails at Your Store @ No 4, on St Mary’s Court, she exited with £50 of purchases. And she’s been wearing them ever since. 

“The common perception is the Mayor wouldn’t wear charity shop. My view is why not? It’s common sense to save money if you can,” said Cllr Pitchley. “I have absolutely no problem extending my budget with charity shop finds. I’m proud to tell anyone who admires my outfit that it only cost a few pounds and was nearly-new.” 

She added: “My itinerary can be filled with up to nine functions a day. I’m in the public eye and it’s important I am well-dressed because some people do judge by what you’re wearing.” 

The 40-year-old mother of two will be heading to an evening function in the elegant cream and black cocktail dress she snapped up for £10 at Your Store @ Number Four. She doesn’t need much by way of accessories - the Mayoral Chain, or the Mayor’s Pendant, which features diamonds, sapphires and rubies, will set it off a treat. 

“But I will complete the outfit with patent high heels from the shop. They were barely worn and cost £10,” said Cllr Pitchley proudly.  “It will be the cheapest evening outfit I’ve ever worn in my life and I will tell everyone that with pride.” 

Other bargains she picked up have already been worn for daytime Mayoral functions - including a black knitted Jaeger dress which still had its label on and cost £20, and a purple dress which was a lowly £6 and goes a treat with a hat she picked up for £4. 

“It’s now the norm for people to buy secondhand clothes and accessories on eBay, but when you buy your bargains from a charity shop there’s also the feel-good factor of knowing you are helping a great cause,” said Cllr Pitchley. 

Your Store @ No 4 specialises in selling top-notch labels that come to Rotherham Hospice via donations from the public and local businesses and is laid out like a high street boutique. 

Said Julia Hall, a Retail Development Manager at the hospice: “Lindsay loved what we had to offer and spent a good 45 minutes shopping. She looked fabulous in everything she tried on.” 

Commented Cllr Pitchley: “It was a real surprise and a pleasure to shop in. Everything was really well displayed and the stock was fabulous quality. I can’t wait to go back!” 

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