Hospice links with Gallery Town for Whodunnit Art Project

9th February 2016


Art regeneration project Gallery Town and Rotherham Hospice have teamed up to deliver an artistic fundraising project that is being supported by celebrities and dignitaries and you can get involved.

So far Brian Blessed, Howard Webb MBE, Pollyanna Pickering, Margaret Clarkson, Liz White and many more well-known individuals have signed up to take part in the project which hopes to raise much needed funds for both the hospice and the gallery.

The project is asking everyone to join in the fun and create their own personal postcard sized work of art with all interested artists from amazing to amateur are encouraged to join in. The art created is completely up to each individual and people are encouraged to be as vibrant and humorous as they like. The work can include pencil drawings, graphic designs, cartoons, photography, CGI, collages, paintings of any kind, crayon and so on.

The closing date for submissions is 18th March following which the artworks will be shown as an exhibition for 2 weeks at a venue to be confirmed and then auctioned online in April. However there is a Big Whodunnit Twist! The artworks will only be signed on the back of the card meaning nobody will know whose work they are bidding for, unless of course they are the winning bidder meaning you may own a work of art by a famous celebrity or artist that is worth a lot of money but cost you only a few pounds.

Other celebrities and dignitaries signed up so far include Pulp drummer Nick Banks, Coronation Street’s Connor McIntyre, MP Sarah Champion and Sheffield’s Master Cutler amongst others. If you would like to take part in the project then please contact Ged Omar via gallerytown@outlook.com or on 01709 970134.

Ged Omar, Gallery Town Project Manager said: “When looking at ways to fundraise for both causes and via the arts we came across similar projects that have been run successfully in other areas. We are hoping to have lots more celebrities signed up by the start of the exhibition and we are actively encouraging everyone with an interest to take part. It’s a lot of fun and it will make a real difference.”

Brian Blessed said “This is a wonderful project supporting two very different but very important  causes and I am happy to be a part of it. I encourage you all to get involved and get creative.”

Peter Bradley, Rotherham Hospice Director of Marketing & Fundraising  said: “We are delighted to be working with Gallery Town on this project. It’s a great idea and we are hoping to raise a considerable amount of money from it, to benefit our patients and their families.  If it is as successful as we think it will be, The Whodunnit Art Project could become an annual event.  

For more press related information please contact Ged Omar on 07437 925 783 or via gallerytown@outlook.com


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