Local Resources

Here is a list of our local resources. You are free to download and use all of them, but please ask permission before modifying, and bear in mind that they are all local resources and may vary from similar resources used elsewhere.

We would appreciate any suggestions of useful resources which may be missing from this section. Please contact us with any ideas.

Anticipatory drug prescribing

A list of some of the commonly prescribed injectable medicine and 'just in case' quantities.

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Opioid conversion table

A table showing Oral morphine, Subcutaneous morphine, Subcutaneous diamorphine, Oral OxyCodone, Subcutaneous OxyCodone and Fent...

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Regional DNACPR Form January 2014

Yorkshire & Humber Regional Form for Adults and Young People aged 16 and over (v13)

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Rotherham Model DNACPR Policy Oct 2014

Including Policy, Advance statements, DNACPR form, Framework For Resuscitation Decisions & Patient Information

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Rotherham Palliative Care Services leaflet

A basic guide for prescribers in hospital and primary care across the district.

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Individualised Care Plan for Adults

This care plan is to be used when it is thought that a person may die within the next few days or hours.

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