Legacies & Wills

Please help us to continue our vital services into the future.

Since opening in 1994 Rotherham Hospice has been caring for local people living with a terminal illness and supporting their families and carers. We rely on over 50% of our funding coming through voluntary donations from the public and so gifts in wills are extremely valued, making an important contribution to our income. For us they represent an invaluable investment by our supporters in the future of the hospice for many years to come.

Leaving a gift in your will, or legacy, is a final gesture of solidarity to a cause you feel strongly about in life. Legacies are a vital part of the hospice’s income and a cornerstone of its future support to the people of Rotherham. A legacy of any size could make a difference to the lives of people who come to the Hospice.

Our promises about gifts in Wills

1 We promise not to intrude on your privacy by telephoning you about this way of giving.

2 We will never ask you the size or type of legacy if you decide to support our work this way.

3 We absolutely recognise that those close to you come first in your Will.

4 We will never ask you to tell us your intentions, but if you tell us your intentions we are then able to say thank you, which is nice to do!

5 We fully understand that personal circumstances change and there might be a time when you must take Rotherham Hospice out of your Will.

6 We promise to use your gift wisely for the benefit of future generations.

An invaluable gift that costs you nothing now

With this generous support we are able to meet the demand of our services and so would encourage you to consider leaving a gift, however large or small, in your will once those you care about have been provided for. Just a small percentage could make a big difference to us and the community we serve.

It's also worth remembering that all bequests to charities are exempt from inheritance and capital gains tax - something to consider if tax planning is important for you.

Thank you for your interest in helping local people.

To talk to someone about leaving a gift in your will to support end of life care for local Rotherham people telephone our fundraising team on 01709 308917.

Donate to Rotherham Hospice

Your donation is very important to us and we want to thank you accordingly.  Please give us as much detail as possible about your donation in the text boxes below.

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