Health & Wellbeing Programme


Health & Wellbeing Therapy Sessions

Health and Wellbeing Therapy sessions are held at the Hospice and we currently hold the following:

Relaxation Therapy Session

10am to 12 noon one day a week.  This group session is a chance to come together with other people who wish to learn how to relax at home through support of our Occupational Therapists and CD’s are provided for you to take home and use.

Exercise Therapy Session

10am to 12 noon one day a week.  This group session is run by our Physiotherapists and is aimed at helping you stay as active as possible and suits all levels of mobility. It is a relaxed atmosphere with the use of small apparatus such as small hand/ankle weights and soft sponge balls.

Lymphoedema Session

1pm to 4pm one day a week.  This clinical session is run by specialist Lymphoedema nurses and is on a one to one basis.  Appointments are arranged direct with the Lymphoedema nurses.

Health and Wellbeing 10 Week Rolling Programme

1.30pm to 3.30pm one day a week.  This programme focuses on one topic per week.  These informative sessions are run by doctors, clinical nurse specialists, pharmacist, dietician, therapists and other agencies such as Voluntary Action Rotherham.  Currently the topics covered are:

  • Understanding your condition and medication advice
  • The importance of diet and nutrition
  • The benefit of staying active/planning activities and pacing yourself.
  • Managing your tiredness and fatigue
  • Relaxation techniques and the benefits of complementary therapy
  • Managing your breathlessness
  • Support and advice on finances and benefits
  • What support is out there for your
  • Supporting carers and relationships
  • Exploring the choices on your care for the future

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