Fundraising Action Groups

Fundraising Action Groups are groups of individuals who are interested in helping the Hospice through fundraising activities.

Groups can consist of a few friends who gather at home, or large groups who meet in a local community centre, or even here at the Hospice.

There are many ways Fundraising Action Groups can get involved:

  • Organising your own events
  • Helping out at Rotherham Hospice events
  • Circulating posters in your local area
  • Spread the word to your family and friends

Being a part of a Fundraising Action Group can take as much or as little time as you want it to.  It is a great way of meeting others while helping to support Rotherham Hospice.  For more information, contact a member of the Fundraising Team on 01709 308917 or e-mail using the button below.

E-mail the Fundraising Team

Donate to Rotherham Hospice

Your donation is very important to us and we want to thank you accordingly.  Please give us as much detail as possible about your donation in the text boxes below.

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