Fact Sheet

Rotherham Hospice Facts:

  • Rotherham Hospice cared for 1/3 of all people who passed away in Rotherham in 2015/16.
  • The Hospice needs to raise £2.5m vountary income this year for services and support to continue and to improve.
  • ..... that's £6849 every day.
  • ..... or £286 every hour.
  • ..... or £4.76 every minute.
  • Hospice care not only looks after people's physical needs, it also looks after their emotional, spiritual, psychological, and social needs. 
  • Hospice care also supports carers, family, and close friends, both during a person's illness, and during bereavement.
  • People can use Hospice care at any stage of their illness, not just at the very end of their life.
  • All of our services are free of charge.
  • Over 1200 adults a year receive care through our Community Team including Hospice at Home.
  • Around 40% of patients are discharged from the Hospice and return home or move into long term care.
  • Rotherham Hospice has 160 staff, and 430 wonderful volunteers.
  • We provided nearly 12,000 face to face visits and 12,500 telephone support calls through our 24/7 advice line.
  • We have 9 Hospice shops, that provide a vital, regular, and predictable income stream.
  • You can win a guaranteed £1000 each week and up to £10,000 on our rollover with the lottery. The lottery will provide £9500 a week towards our running costs.
  • Each year Rotherham Hospice runs events such as Glow with the Flow memory walk, and Summer Ba-Laa, as well as enjoying the support of the community who hold events and fundraising activities on our behalf.


Rotherham Hospice thanks you for your much needed support that ensures we can raise the funds needed to continue to provide quality care and services at the Hospice, and throughout the Rotherham community. Thank you.

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