Tandem Skydive Day 2019

15th September 2019

Tandem Skydive Day 2019


"Such an exciting and freeing experience!"


" I was so nervous but the feeling after you jump is the most liberating and amazing feeling!"

Sky Dive is back!


Calling all adrenaline junkies! Imagine the thrill of jumping out of an aeroplane at 15,000ft! You can join other Rotherham Hospice supporters on the15th September 2019 and do just that! Family and friends are welcome to come along to support you too.

A tandem skydive allows you to enjoy one minute of adrenaline-fuelled freefall harnessed to the front of a BPA qualified instructor, before the parachute opens and you begin your descent to the ground.


The Details...


Our annual Sky Dive takes place at Hibaldstow Airfield in Hibaldstow.


Depost: £50 pp
Sponsorship: £500 minimum pp
Entry will be open soon.


You can start gaining sponsor right now!
We're asking all Sky Divers to raise at least £500 toward their Sky Dive this year. And we're here to help! You can download a Skydive 2019 Sponsorship form once you've signed up..... or..... you can simply use our dedicated Sky Dive 2019 Just Giving page by clicking the link.

Terms & Conditions & Limitations:

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions & Limitations before paying your deposite. You can find them by clicking here.

For any further inquiries please email marie.hancock@rotherhamhospice.org.uk 

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