Pre and Post Bereavement Nurse Counselling and Clinical Psychology

Our Nurse Counselling and Clinical Psychology Service is available to patients who use any of our Hospice Services their families and significant others.  People can choose to be supported individually, with their family or a friend present.   Many people find it helpful to talk with someone who is not part of their family circle.  Most people begin to grieve from diagnosis or illness or at any stage in their care and treatment.  Grief is again highlighted toward to end of life or when death is close at hand.

Some examples of support provided include:

• Individuals who are having difficulties coming to terms with, or accepting aspects of illness or diagnosis

• Individuals experiencing psychological issues related to end of life

• Individuals whose worry and distress is persistent, despite reassurance and information from other professionals

• Patients struggling with body image issues and/or personal relationship problems

• Patients who need assistance with symptom management (e.g. breathlessness, pain)

• Where difficulties in coping psychologically are impacting on their treatment

• Patients with complex/difficult clinical situations e.g. hereditary conditions etc.

• Complex bereavement

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