Carers Support Services

Carers (family and friends) don’t choose to become carers – it just happens and you get on with it.  To continue to care safely and maintain their own physical and mental wellbeing they require support.  Rotherham Hospice offer services to support carers who are looking after someone with a long term health condition in the palliative stage of their illness:

Carer Support Group

Our carer support group takes place the last Wednesday of every month in the Hospice Conservatory between 1pm and 3pm.  This service provides emotional support to carers as well as practical support by signposting to other services.  We also offer general advice in relation to carers rights, assessment, benefits and where necessary, counselling and pre bereavement support.  The group offers time to relax, with refreshments, and talk with others in similar circumstances

Spiritual Care

Admission to Rotherham Hospice, visiting someone in pain or distress or caring for someone who is sick or nearing the end of their life can raise all kinds of questions, fears and anxieties.  Patients and their families may find it helpful to talk in confidence to someone who does not judge and who, although not involved in medical or nursing care, does have experience of Hospices and the effects they can have on people. 

Our Chaplaincy service can offer support if there are concerns and thoughts about the bigger, deeper questions of life – but equally will respect your wishes should you prefer not to discuss such matters.  Our Chaplains will listen to concerns and offer compassion, aiding in the search for inner peace and strength.  

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