Admissions & Referrals

Patients with active, progressive and advanced terminal disease are eligible for hospice services. This includes patients with both malignant disease and non-malignant diseases for example, cancer, heart disease, lung disease and neurological diseases. Hospice services include Day Hospice, Hospice Community Team and our Inpatient Unit.

For patients in hospital referral is via the Specialist Palliative Care Team based at the hospital which comprises of Consultants and Specialist Nurses who work regularly with patients who may need hospice care.

It is possible for potential patients, families and carers to request a prospective visit to the Hospice after being seen by a member of the hospital or community palliative care teams. To arrange a visit please speak with the nurse in charge.

In order to be committed to the dignity and comfort of our patients approaching their last weeks of life, Rotherham Hospice offers a Hospice at Home service that helps patients to be cared for, and to die, in a place where they feel comfortable - in their own homes or in a care home. (see below for elegibility criteria)

Hospice at Home is a 24-hour, 7-day per week service which is accessible to any patient living or registered with a GP within the Rotherham Borough.

Referrals to Hospice at Home Service

Referrals to Hospice at Home will be accepted if the referral has been:

  • Made by phone to 308910, this is also OOH contact number
  •  Also can be made in writing on appropriate palliative care referral forms and faxed to Fax no 01709 371702 or by post to Community Team at Rotherham Hospice, Broom Rd, Rotherham, S60 2SW
  • Already referred to district nursing service
  • Identified as having specialist palliative care needs (see below eligibility criteria)
  • The patient is aware of their diagnosis and agrees to referral to the service or has been deemed not to have mental capacity and a best interest decision agreed.

Who can refer?  

  • GP/Consultant
  • District Nurse/Hospital Palliative Care Team/ Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Other Health Professionals/Social Services/Voluntary agencies
  • Care Homes

Eligibility Criteria

Referral to the Community Team will be considered for patients with:

  • Active, progressive or advanced disease whose level of need is considered beyond the scope of generalist palliative care providers or with Specialist End of life care needs.
  • Uncontrolled, complicated or unresolved symptoms or short term specialist nursing requirements.
  • Complex emotional, behavioural or social difficulties related to the illness
  • Patient may have already been referred for Fast Track.
  • Patient must have been seen by referring clinician
  • Patient expected death week to days
  • Crisis health and social situation which requires intensive palliative nursing care, package of care will be reviewed after 72 hours and may be referred back to generalist palliative care if appropriate

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